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Exterior Lighting

Translec is a leading supplier of exterior lighting systems. Our light units benefit from the use of the latest light sources including Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), High Intensity Discharge (HID) and long life, high performance halogen lamps. We can offer a fully integrated exterior lighting system incorporating all light units, power supplies, control and monitoring facilities to provide reduced installation time and improved operational performance.

Translec supply a range of headlights including units with our own custom designed segmented reflectors which provide a precise beam pattern offering improved illumination of track and signals at night, whilst minimising glare to oncoming drivers. Their long range visibility offers extended warning to trackside personnel.

Our LED light units incorporate complex optics to generate the required beam patterns and optimise the light sources for a particular application. They feature advanced power supplies and thermal management to provide constant light output and very high reliability with zero maintenance requirements.

Exterior lighting product range:
Headlights (HID, halogen, LED light sources)
Signal, marker, tail and combined lights (LED)
Bodyside indicator lights (LED)
Door status indicators (LED)
Cab step lights (LED)
Driver’s indicator (mimic) panel
Control units incorporating power supplies, control and monitoring
Headlight aperture covers